REPAIR—guaranteed, certified. All makes and models power supplies serviced.

JW Global Company Team Goals

Every day at our service center our staff goal is to push the envelope in being the most reliable and current-knowledge partner to our continuing and new clients. To meet this goal we work hard to eliminate or minimize dreaded “down time” through efficient, ISO 9001:2000 certified power supply repair service. This includes current, warranty-expired and end-of-life power units—so we can handle whatever you have.

Best power supply repair (computer and other machines using PS) for all US and international companies. Individual consumer? We also quickly serve your needs as well. Our reputation is globally established and well earned through thousands of cases ranging from the garden variety repair or maintenance to extremely challenging—but always saving our customers money.

Need computer supply repairs immediately? Please contact us as soon as you find your problems. UPS—uninterrupted power supply repair done with expert technical knowledge by our certified team and we boast the fastest turn around time in the industry, and our work is guaranteed.

Our Commitment to Your Company.

We will:

  • Fully understand your essential business requirements as they relate to your customers, patients and internal departments who depend on a fully-functioning and reliable power supply.
  • Provide exceptional value to you and maximize your return on repair dollars through our Pricing Options, cost-benefit analysis on repair/replace decisions, routine and in-depth emergency repairs, and proactive preventive maintenance programs.
  • Honor our turnaround time for repair, and institute quality-control reliability of repair through rigorous testing that exceeds your operating standards. Our commitment to quality and full restoration is backed by our Warranty Program.
  • Communicate openly with you over the phone or by timely e-mails, a password-protected Customer Order Tracking System, Certificates of Conformance and with Failure Analysis Reports and extensive Repair Reporting. That means no unwelcome surprises.
  • Identify creative solutions to solve non-routine legacy power supply problems.
  • Establish a mutual level of trust and respect between all parties.
  • Respond to your unique needs including emergency turn around time. Adhere to the unique specifications of your industry, and work with you collaboratively and creatively to solve problem situations.
Further note: A final goal is to function as an "internal" service department or provide “transparent” repair services for your customers.

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